Many clients and prospects contact me when they see an autograph for sale at Ebay, Marktplaats, Catawiki etc etc. They contact me because they want professional advise about the authenticity of this specific autograph. For this, so far, we had and still have the COA procedure which has one disadvantage; you first have to buy this autograph which I need in hands before I can give my professional opinion about authenticity and a COA (if genuine of course).  If not genuine, you have spent a lott of  money for nothing.

So I introduce a new service, called the Quickscan. A Quickscan is exactely what it says,  a short professional opinion from an autograph expert. My opinion will not be based om a fysical inspection but only based on photo’s or a link from a website. This inspection can result in 3 qualifications; 1) Likely Genuine 2) Unlikely Genuine 3) Unable to render an opinion. In order to keep this Quickscan affordable no further explanation will be given, just only one of these 3 qualifications. This Quickscan is not the same as the COA procedure and so will never replace the carefulness and extensiveness of the COA procedure. On the other hand, the price for a quickscan is completely different compared with the price for a COA procedure and still this Quickscan will give you a professional opinion from a professional autograph expert for only Euro 24,99 per autograph.

How does it work ? Contact me through the contact page and sent me your name , adresse and email and the link to the autograph. I will sent you a paypal payment request for Euro 24,99 euro. As soon as you have paid this request, I will look after the autograph and tell you my opinion. This procedure is simple, easy and affordable and helps you in your process to decide if you want to buy this autograph or not. If I am not able to render an opinion, which is in about 3% of all cases, you will receive a 50% particial refund.  

And last but not least, if you use the Quickscan and the result is Likely Genuine, you buy this autograph and sent this autograph to us for finall COA inspection, we will credit Euro 24,99  on the COA price. In that case you had a “free” Quickscan basicly.

Speak to you soon !

Collectables Unlimited

Hans Verbakel