"We have no clients,....we have fans !!"

Sebastian Vettel en Hans Verbakel

My name is Hans Verbakel, I am a passionate sports fanatic and live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After a 25 year carreer in Finance, I decided to start in 2015 my own company Collectables Unlimited. Collectables Unlimited is specialised in purchasing and selling Sports Collectables, Sports Memorabilia and Sports Autographs and we also authenticate (Sports) autographs.

In my younger years I played football and after an injury I started with Dynamic-Tennis at high level. In my younger years I was trainer/ coach of a high talented youth team and after my football carreer I was a succesfull Dynamic Tennis player, won many national titles and also gave Dynamic Tennis training at 3 different Dynamic Tennis clubs for many years. So I have a funded background in Sports which helped me to build up a great network. I started collecting autographs at age 10 untill today and I have meanwhile about 6.000 autographs in stock changing on daily basis. I went all over Europe to collect autographs myselve. I have met the greatest athlets in the world personaly, like Johan Cruijff, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumcher, Max Verstappen, Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Romario, Ronaldo, Messi and hundreds of others. My international network is large and reliable and Collectables Unlimited has clients from all over the world. Our multi distribution chanell has 3 pillors; 1) we sell trough auction sites 2) We sell through our website (Bargain and Koopjes corner) 3) We sell on request. You can contact us (no cure no pay) if you are looking for a specific autographed item and if we have it not in stock we will contact our international network for availability. In  more than 95% we can help you out.  We buy also (autograph) collection from collectors who quit or die. If authentic, representative and salable, we can offer you a fair price. If you have an old tennis racket, football boots, jersey's, autographs or other things on your attic, just contact us and maybe we will buy it from you for a reasonable price. We are also specialised in authenticate extern autographs. Many years we where hired by the largest online auction house in Europe. If they had doubts about the authenticity  of an autograph(s) they contacted us. We investigated these autographs and gave our professional advise and opinion which was followed by the auctioneers. Also collectors who want to buy an autograph and have questions about the  authenticity contact us for advise. Prevention is always better than cure.  We have publiced about forgeries on leading websites as isitreal.com for example and Radio and TV programs contact us if they have questions about autographs/forgeries. So basicly I dare say that in the field of Sports Autograph Authentication, there is nobody in the Netherlands with more eperience and knowledge than Collectables Unlimited. We are high respected by our clients and they appriciate our specific knowledge and skills very much. We don't want to grow as a business because our standards are extreme high and we will not do concession to these high standards and quality. That means that every item we buy or sell will be go to my own hands before it will be bought or sold. In order to manage this we only work online and have no fysical store or distribution point, so we only work with post distribution. You can only contact us through email so we can manage the contacts with our clients by far the best. Almost every question will be answered within an hour. That's why you won't find any telephone number from Collectables Unlimited because that would mean I would be busy answering telephone calls all day long and not having any time to deliver the quality I stand for as discribed above. Our customers mean the world for us so you won't be surprised that  our slogan is "We have no clients, we have fans".

I hope to contact you in near future so we can share our mutual passion.

My best Regards,

Collectables Unlimited