"We have no clients,....we have fans !!"

Sebastian Vettel en Hans Verbakel

My name is Hans Verbakel, I am a passionate sports fanatic and live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After a 25 year carreer in Finance, I decided to start in 2015 Collectables Unlimited. Collectables Unlimited is a company specialised in purchasing and selling Sports Collectables, Sports memorabilia and Sports Autographs.

In 2015 I was struggling what I wanted to do with the rest of my life after a 25 year succesfull carreer in Finance. My motivation to go on in Finance was not there anymore because the passion was completely gone after 25 years. And so I decided to follow my hear and started a new business. This new business is directly derived from my hobby Sports memorabilia. At the age of 10, I received my first autographs from PSV players like Willy vd Kuijlen, Jan van Beveren etc  after that my fascination for Sports Memorabilia grown day by day untill today. Meanwhile I have build a collection with more than 6.000 (autographed) Sports memorabilia items. So I am one of the happy few that could make a profession out of his hobby and untill today I have never regret one second the dicision to quit finance and start a business related to my passion Sports memorabilia. In the last 42 years I have learnt a lott about Sports memorabilia and I specialised myselve in Autograph authentication. I have met many important sporters personally over the last 40 years and if I have learnt one important lesson is that in the end these famous people are just humans like we are. Treat them with respect and you will get respect in return. The list of sporters i have met is to large to publish here but for the record a few names;  Bjorn Borg, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Emerson Fittipaldi, Joop Zoetemelk, Lance Armstrong, John McEnroe, Jos en Max Verstappen, Johan Cruijff, Romario, Maradona, Uain Bolt, Jan Janssen, Ricard Krajicek, Valantino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Michael Phelps, Arie Luijendijk and almost all important racingdrivers (F1, WRC DTM, Le Mans etc etc). Most special one was Romario. He lived in Ulenpas Ooijevaarsnest, a few blocks away from my house in Eindhoven at the time he played for PSV. Many times I was standing at his door and often his wife or other familly members or friends who where over opened the door and told me “Romario sleeps”. But when you visited him in the evening, Romario was awake and was the most friendly famous person I have ever met. Often he saw us at his door standing with a ball asking for autographs which he always wrote without any problem. But after that he saw our bal and said, “Come one, let go tot he other side of the street (there was a grassfield) and let’s play football. I never forget that one specific time when we played with the 4 of us agains Romario alone and we lost 10-4 (!!). What an amazing guy and a great football player. And he has not forgotten his friends in Eindhoven because now and then he returns to Eindhoven, invites his best friends and than goes to restaurant El Patio Andaluz for a meal, a good chat and a lott of drinks !!  I have build a huge network over the last 40 years. People contact me often for help when they have doubts about the authenticity of a specific sports autograph. This is my speciality. I see and/or authenticate thousands of autographs every week, with specific proprietary methods and have also a large time related database. For example Muhammad Ali’s autograph was completely different at age 20 than at age 65. So an old Ali autograph on a new photo is impossible and not genuine. I followed worlshops from the famous Americain forensic document expert Thomas Grogan but also from world leading Sports memorabilia experts James J Spence Jr, Ron Gordon, Richard Albersheim, and Kevin Keating. Without any doubt, I daresay that no one in the Netherlands has more experience or knowledge in authenticity of a specific sports autograph, than I have.

I have published on international sites about forgeries (www.isitreal.com) and have advised as expert, the auctioneer Sports memorabilia from the famous auction house Catawiki for many years, when he had doubts about authenticity of objects and autographs. Also sometimes television programs or radio shows ask me for help regarding (authentic) sports memorabilia and I delivered also many items tot the National football Museum (first) in Middelburg and after movement in Roosendaal. Also fundraisers contact me for authentication and help. I work on contract together with online auction House Catawiki as “Verkavelaar”. This means that if you have an object with a minimum vallue of Euro 1.000,= and you want to sell it through Catawiki, but have no clue or no skills how to organise such a process, you can contact me. In that case I can help you out, from the beginning to the end. I do the (pre)sales the logistic and eveything inbetween. You don’t have to do anything in this proces. Just contact me for more information if you are interested in this service.

Last but not least, I buy sports memorabilia. If you have an old tennisracket in your attic or some autographs from famous sports people or maybe other sportsmemorabia or even an old panini sticker album, just contact me through the contact page.If you are looking yourselve for a present, or for something special in your man or woman cave, office, (bed)room or canteen  than take a look in our Webshop, the Bargain and Koopjes, Auctions, or Exclusive selection. If you are looking for something which is not there, just contact us. Almost always we can help you throught our (international) network on no cure no pay base.

If you own a company and you want to buy an expensive bottle of wine for your good client, remember that you make more impression with a hand signed jersey from Johan Cruijff (for example if your customer is fan 😉) an exclusive one existing special piece,  than with another bottle of wine in the row. You can contact us if you also wants to surprise your client and make a indelible impression and a have a client for life.  

Our motto is “We have no clients, we have fans” so I am looking foreward to meet you and let you experience,  feel and taste our passion. See you soon !

My Best Regards,

Collectables Unlimited

Hans Verbakel